2023 Witchy Cross Stitch SALs

I have really fallen back into cross stitch lately. There are several witchy stitch alongs going on this year if anyone else is interested.

The Tiny Modernist’s make today magical SAL pattern goes on sale Jan 15th. I wasn’t planning on doing another SAL, but I like how it is looking from the sneak peek. Cute, but not too cutesy. https://www.tinymodernist.com/

WitchGardenCrafts is hosting the Dark Goddess SAL. I’m not doing that one, but I am following everyone else’s progress.

PixelPixieStitch is hosting the Natural World SAL. I was so excited for this one! However, the first clue came out and it’s a corner start. I know how to do a corner start. I just prefer not to do it. Not sure what I am going to do at this point. The Natural World 2023 Mystery SAL – pixelpixiexstitch

If I have missed any, please share. I might want to join them as well.

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I don’t cross-stitch myself but these look so cute! I love when you share your cross-stitch and socks on Instagram. They seriously brighten my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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