A Broom at Midnight by Roger J. Horne

A Broom at Midnight: 13 Gates of Witchcraft by Spirit Flight :partying_face::tada:

In this unique offering, the author organizes the lore and charms of the transvective arts around thirteen central lessons and approaches in methodology, acting as gates through which the practitioner may cross. Some approaches offered here may be familiar to folk and traditional witches, such as via veneficium (by way of poison) and via equarum (by way of steed), while others, like via imaginibus (by way of image) and via tempestatis (by way of storm) draw on historic lore and charms in order to innovate upon old craft while maintaining the spirit that flavors these beloved arts.

You have voted and Roger Horne’s book won! We will start this book at the beginning of May so you have plenty of time to grab it if you want to read along. Here are a few options for purchase but as always, check your local library, too! (The links marked with an asterisk [*] are affiliate links so I might earn a small commission if you purchase this way.)

Bookshop.org* – https://bookshop.org/a/80670/9781736762516

Amazon* – https://amzn.to/3O83u0E

Thriftbooks – https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/a-broom-at-midnight-13-gates-of-witchcraft-by-spirit-flight_roger-j-horne

I’ve been excited to read this book for a while so I definitely look forward to reading along with everyone! As soon as I get my hands on a physical copy I will create a reading schedule. I think this one will probably span two months, too. We’ll see!

Here’s the reading schedule!

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Discussion Questions

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The Foreword and The Transvective Arts in Context

  • Do you have any preconceived notions about spirit flight?
  • The author says, “…some may be uncomfortable with the degree to which this book calls on the Devil, the Man in Black, and even explores the symbolism of Lucifer himself.” How does this relate to your practice, if at all?
  • What sort of draw do you have to spirit flight? Is it something you want to one day achieve? Do you already successfully use spirit flight?
  • Since we’re still in the very beginning of the book, what do you hope to get from this book, if anything at all?

Lessons at the Hidden Feast

  • Discuss the reasons for spirit flight in regard to the great feast.
  • Have you ever heard of the great feast?
  • If you have experienced spirit flight, have you encountered a spirit with a lesson to teach?
  • If you haven’t experienced spirit flight, what do you anticipate the experience being like?
  • Beginning in page 40 are guidelines for the witch’s Sabbat. Discuss your thoughts on these rules and guidelines. How do you feel about them? What are your initial thoughts, if any at all?

Preparations and an Invitation (Jun 5 - Jun 18)

  • There are five exercises in this chapter, all of which may be necessary for spirit flight. If you do these exercises, what is your experience like?
  • If you choose not to do the exercises, why not?
  • Do you have a familiar spirit? Why or why not?
  • In choosing your familiar spirit, which animal would you choose and why?
  • Does a fetch or hag-body play a role in your practice?
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My book will be delivered tomorrow. I’ll try to catch up then!

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Awesome! I can’t wait for you to start reading and to hear your thoughts :heart:

I hope I’m doing this right, haha. I’m only 32, but definitely not computer savvy,

My book was delivered a couple of days later than I thought, but I’m really enjoying it. I read the first 5 chapters last night. I just need to find the time to go through all of the questions.

No, I’m wondering if it’s like astral projection. If so, I’ve never heard it called “spirit flight”. I’m intrigued as to what it is, how it differs from astral projection and similarities they may have.

I usually shy away from anything relating to and talking about the devil. Hearing that term with anything related to witchcraft usually makes my eyes roll and I turn away immediately. After doing a bit more research on the author and his other books, I decided to give the book a shot.

I think the author did a great job explaining why he kept that term in his book. It helped eliminate some doubt and misconceived perceptions I’ve had about “the devil” in historical grimoires and such.

I’m definitely interested in learning more about it. I hope to achieve it one day, from what I gather so far. I do not currently use spirit flight, but hope to learn more about it and to possibly try it later, after I’m more informed.

I hope to learn more about spirit flight and his version of folk magic.
Like the author, I have a lot of Scottish, Welsh and Appalachian ancestory. I recently found out that I’ve lived in Appalachia for my whole life and now live in an area where a lot of the community embraces their Appalachian heritage. For these reasons, I am super interested in his take on folk magic and the different aspects, such as spirit flight.

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You’re doing just fine! It took me a while to figure out Discourse, too, but I’ve got previous experience with it from another community :blush:

This is something I’ve been wondering, too. I think it is similar but maybe just called something different from a different magical perspective. I’m familiar with astral projection, though I’ve never successfully projected myself, and have just recently learned the terms Spirit Flight and Hedge Riding, both of which seem to mean the same thing.

I definitely agree with you there. I used to be the same way and I still have to check myself when I approach these types of subjects because my preconceived “There’s no devil in witchcraft” thing always pops up (thank you online neo-Wicca in the 90s :laughing:).

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Lessons at the Hidden Feast

I read this chapter about a week ago and just had time to sit and answer the questions today. I tried skimming the chapter again, so if I’m not answering the questions how you intended please let me know.

My kids have had appointments everyday last week and will again next week, so I’m pretty exhausted (yay! single mom life, haha :upside_down_face:) Anyway, I’m on the Preparations and an Invitation chapter now and hopefully will be caught up with the reading and questions tomorrow or Monday :tada:

The reasons for spirit flight in regard to the great feast are to enter a state of consciousness that connects witches from around the world, the Old Ones, and Spirits of the Underworld. And the sharing of nourishment and sustenance between these.

I’ve never heard of the great feast as it is referenced to in the book, but I have heard Samhain’s dumb supper called that.

I’ve never experienced spirit flight.

I anticipate spirit flight being very therapeutical, calming but empowering. I also anticipate some form of spiritual growth or a better understanding and connection to the unseen world.

I think the guidelines are pretty great. At first when I was skimming back through the chapter I thought they sounded a little fluffy and fairy-tale like, but after reading them a little more thoroughly I feel like these guidelines are actually really good for the witch to live by.

I’m starting to see this pattern with the author’s work, or my perception of it. At first when I read snippets, keywords, or just skim through the chapter I don’t relate to what he’s saying, but as I read more in-depth I really enjoy and connect with his process.

Just by from what I read so far, it seems like spirit flight is a mix between astral projection, hedge riding and a self-guided meditation journey. Looking at it this way makes spirit flight seem a lot more accessible. I may be wrong, I’ll need to read the rest of the book. I’m also not taking away from the richness of the experience or the importance of the steps and learning about all the different aspects spirit flight. This is spirit flight and not any of the other things, so it’s still different. But coming to it from this angle is more helpful for me to understand it and it not be some far away concept that I’ve never heard of.

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I feel you there! My entire house has been sick so I 100% relate :laughing: I loved reading your answers to the questions! It does seem like spirit flight is a mix of everything you mentioned and, since I haven’t experienced it myself yet, I’m interested to see exactly how the experience is. One day I’ll get there!

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This week we start the chapters that contain different methods for spirit flight. One chapter is dedicated to one method. Rather than have questions for each chapter, I would like to finish all chapters and then discuss the methods in question.

This also gives those that need time to catch up time to read :heart:

How’s the book coming along for everyone? I will admit that I’m a bit behind our reading schedule but I’m slowly catching up.

I’m enjoying it so far!

Has anyone finished the book? I haven’t…