A Witch's Garden Vlog - planting and a bit of magic [NEW VIDEO]

Witch's Garden

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I think every witch should have a garden when possible! Or at least care for a plant in some way. It’s a great way to connect with nature, but also an easy way to connect with your local land and regional cycles!

Add a bay leaf to your garden with your wishes for good growth and watch your garden flourish!


Great topic! Can we talk about urban gardening and how those of us living in cities could maximize what little bit of space we might have for gardening? I live in a townhome in Charleston, South Carolina. We have a TINY backyard that is mostly concrete. I’ve got a small greenhouse that I’ll be using to start seedlings which I plan to transfer to containers throughout the year. We’ve also got a ground space in front of our home that we will be removing hedges (they’re dead) from now that the weather is cooling down. I plan to use that space for edible landscaping as well as placement for my container and vertical garden spots. :heart:

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Absolutely! We can start a new topic in General Chat for Urban Gardening! :clap: :potted_plant: I’ll do that right now!

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