Altar Share - Pictures, Inspiration, & More!

I just got done spending some time redecorating my altar. I thought it would be fun to share and see everyone elses.


I wish I could share a picture of my altar :sweat_smile: it’s packed away right now!

When I get things situated again, whenever that is, I’ll share a picture!

Your space is lovely, @thehazeliriswitch :heart::heart: so very soothing with the candlelight and decorations!

I’m so excited for you and your family too move. I can’t wait to see and hear all about on what you choose to share. Thank you regarding my altar. I have taken the last two days cleaning and reorganizing or bedroom and living room.

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We’re so excited, too. We just need to get over the stress of packing, fixing things in the house, and selling the house. I think I’m gonna vlog part of the process there and then the whole move. I have plans for a small candle spell during the open house when the house gets listed, so I think it would be cool to show that process.

Plus, moving across the country is a pain in the ass and vlogging it would make it more enjoyable :joy:

I did get a picture of a small space I still have on my desk that’s not getting packed up until it has to.

This is my prosperity altar bowl, my Brigid candle, and then in the background there is the Brigid’s Cross I embroidered a couple years ago! And you can kind of see the head of the crocheted Brigid Doll I made, too :laughing:


What a lovely space you have set up! I love altars, they’re so uniquely personal.

I nabbed a picture from a while back to share. It’s taken me a while to get used to having such a small space, but I honestly love the chalkboard background. And I’m planning on working on the inside more over time, possibly tiling up the sides and building up the floor so it’s level with the lip in front. I found the prop boat it’s made of years ago and thought it would make a perfect temple dollhouse, but it turned out to just be a temple. :stuck_out_tongue:

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