Critical Thinking in Witchcraft

I recently posted a video on YouTube about my thoughts on critical thinking within a witchcraft practice. I think it would be a great topic for discussion here, too - it’s easier to discuss in a forum instead of the comments section of a video :joy: and thanks to @Bell_Bake_Candle for the idea to discuss it here.

If you haven’t watched the video, here’s the link →

So, what do you think about the subject?


I’m not sure why my display name on YouTube hasn’t updated. It still shows my former married name, but that was me who commented about the almond extracts that some bakers are using.

I am 100% on board with everything you touched on in your video! At the risk of sounding judgmental, I am floored by the number of people who don’t utilize the resources that are easily accessible in our technology driven world. It’s important to understand that there is A LOT of misinformation out there and that some content authors are giving some really DANGEROUS advice… BUT, there’s also a wealth of information that IS credible at our fingertips, and a large community of (dare I say) old practitioners who are willing to guide newcomers to the craft through their learning journeys. It really does irk my nerves when I join a group on any social media platform, and the majority of posts are from people asking how to hex an ex, or asking about money, love, protection, insert self serving spell of your choice, without showing even the slightest bit of interest in understanding the craft they are “taking on”. Back in the day we called those people “fluffy bunnies” and we didn’t take them seriously at all.


I noticed it was you when you commented because the name it shows also shows (Bell, Bake, & Candle) at the end :blush:

One of the other YouTubers that participated in the collab #thinktober had an entire section in her video about fake authors and AI-created books. It’s really good information and very important for people to realize how to tell this information apart from the other stuff actually written by people!

I’m glad you liked the video and the points I made! I was so nervous about posting it because I didn’t want it to come off as an attack on anyone, and honestly I had so many disclaimers that I feel it was a bit overkill, but I’m petrified of making people mad online :joy: which I guess I should probably get over :woman_shrugging: but it’ll get better eventually!


I haven’t had time to go back and watch the collaborators videos yet but I fully intend to. :heart: For what it’s worth, I don’t think your disclaimers were too much. You have a big heart and it shows. And your ability to share your opinions with kindness is amazing. Too many folks just spew hateful words as “authority” and make no apologies for being so crass when they do. It’s refreshing to see honesty and kindness in one “package”. I rather like the fact that you speak with grace without sugarcoating your thoughts. :rose:


I’m taking the time to watch the other videos now and oh my goodness… AMEN! :clap: AMEN! :clap: AMEN! :clap: I have to ask… is there a forum or platform where this is being, or can be, discussed with all of the collaborators in one place? :pray::heart:

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Aww thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m always afraid that I’m going to upset someone, and with my tendencies as they are, that would be very anxiety-inducing and upsetting to me. I’m working through that in therapy, but sheesh :sweat_smile: it’s definitely a work in progress!

I don’t think there’s a space where everyone is gathered collectively, but if you have any thoughts or comments you’d like to share with them I can pass information along if you don’t want to comment on their videos :blush:


I’ll need to rewatch the videos to refresh my memory on who said what. Lol I very much appreciate your offer to pass along messages. I’d love to comment on the videos tho, this time as I watch them. I just thought… how awesome would it be if everyone could “meet” on one platform to discuss this topic!? :rose:

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It would be pretty cool! I’ll mention it and see if we can maybe come up with something.

I love this collab so much, I think it’s such an important topic to bring up, especially with the Internet being so flooded with pretty useless pages of misinformation, or watered down nonsense. I agree about the Facebook groups being filled with people just wanting directions for spells and they don’t care at all about anything else, even the mechanics of the spell. It’s like asking for driving directions without understanding how the car works, or why you would go a certain direction.

That reminds me of an old interview I saw on YT with one of Gardner’s initiates, where he talked about G’s BOS possibly having purposeful misdirection written in. His opinion was apparently that the discerning practitioner would spot it, question it, and correct it not to the “one right answer” but the one that worked best for the individual. I think we all need to exercise those muscles of discernment, and maybe this is one of the reasons we were taught to listen to our intuition so early on. It’s not just about having “spooky moments” in our every day life, but also seeing where we can fine-tune our practice to best fit ourselves, and our connection with the universe.

I firmly believe that something can be learned from any content put out, and have read lots of books I wouldn’t recommend on witchcraft. Being able to question what’s presented and examining why I don’t agree with them has given me a deeper personal practice.

Sorry if that’s all super rambly!


I’m glad you love the collab! It’s been so great hearing everyone’s responses and perspectives on the subject. I’m also glad that it’s so well-received by everyone so far. I haven’t had any nasty or negative comments left, though some other creators did :joy: but they have way more subscribers than I do, so that just comes with the territory :woman_shrugging:

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