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I recently had a discussion with someone about chakras and energy systems in the body. The idea of chakras doesn’t align with my personal belief system, and this person asked how that could be possible and what, if anything, I believe.

So, after that conversation, I wanted to open up the discussion here about what you believe regarding energy in your body.

So, how do you view energy in the body? Do you believe in chakras? Energy bodies? Auras? Something else? Or none of the above?

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Some 30 years ago, Erynn and I translated the Cauldron of Poesy text from Middle Irish, which is the only bit we have that’s coherent around bodies, energy and fate and draoicht, we realized it was not a chakra system, nor is it something that can be developed. Everyone has 3 cauldrons-not everyone gets all 3 turned on. It is like violet eyes, you are either born with it or not. It is radically different from a chakra system (there are several), or the two or three different systems of energy working found in China and surrounding areas.

I spent a few years trying to reconcile these various systems, and it didn’t work. At all.

I asked my martial arts instructor, and he said “Don’t worry. None of these theories can be equated. Find what works for you and do not stress around their differences.”

I do not have coherent beliefs. I have had experiences around breathing and energy and perceptions. All I can say for certain is that nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever taste as good as breathing feels after a mini-stroke.


The Cauldron of Poesy is a text I’ve have saved for a long time with the intention of sitting down, reading through it, and studying it. I haven’t had a chance lately, but I have the copy from Obsidian Magazine Online saved in my digital grimoire.

I think this is where I sit with my beliefs. I know there’s something there, some sort of system, I just haven’t worked out what it is yet. I know the chakra systems don’t feel right for me at all, and I don’t have much personal experience with any other formal energy system to pick one of those. Energy in my body feels more fluid. It doesn’t feel like there are channels that need to be opened or closed. The energy just is.

I’d forgotten the Obsidian article-which is a very short form of the book we wrote on the topic (privately published).

Chinese thought distinguishes between pre-birth (Universal or Undifferentiated, I think) energies and the post-birth energies of the manifested organism. I think this distinction is important-part of why my teacher advised martial arts practice under a tree, to more readily and in humility bathe in those energies of heaven and earth, between which we stand.

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That makes sense. Practicing anything under a tree always seems to be better. I mean, even sitting under a tree and meditating or reading a book! I really like that.

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