Equinox 2023 check in

Happy equinox!

I’m running around doing some quick errands before festivities later today, but I thought I’d share a few quick snapshots from this morning. I started the day with apple sourdough eggy pancakes, and then got a roast in the crock pot for later!



Hello! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You beat me to the post lol I often forget about the dates of the sabbats because, like we talked about in the Celebrating the Wheel over time post, I tend to go with the seasonal shifts I notice here.

I’ll be baking some bread sometime this evening or tomorrow morning, a few loaves in total. One will be for us here and the others will be for friends when we see them tomorrow. This sabbat, like most of them, are about community for me.

I love that you can see the frost on the plant in that second picture. It really shows how close the dark half of the year is to us!


Whoops! I’m just REALLY feeling into the equinox this year :slight_smile: I like to keep track of the dates, but the midnight sun and short day on the winter solstice are a big deal here.

I saw your bread spell post earlier, I might look into that! I like the idea of enchanted sourdough to gift. :slight_smile:


haha no worries! I’ve been pretty busy today. I interviewed someone for the podcast today and we spent 2 hours on Zoom :joy: it was a great conversation! I’m late to making bread, so I’ll end up making it in the morning. That’s better, though. It’ll be fresh for our friends when we see them tomorrow.

I’m still in awe of Alaska and the midnight sun and short day there. I don’t know if I could do it :joy: but I’m sure it’s an interesting experience!

I think this would be a great idea! :clap: Then you can even keep a sigil on the bottom of the jar the sourdough is in for extra magical oomph!


The zinnias are at the end of their season, so I spent most of day cleaning the beds and planting mums for the fall.


Our weather switched over to autumn (our shortest season, only about four to six weeks) yesterday morning. Spent the last afternoon of the summer with a good friend, a magician and witch author, in a state park. Rains began yesterday morning and we are losing sunlight fast.

This morning is our Pagan Prayer Breakfast, a community event running for about four years at our house or in a park with everyone at a distance. This is a revival of the 1980’s Georgian Pagan breakfast from Bakersfield, CA.

I’m writing a wake for a friend, and doing the research to get the words right is taking a lot of my time. I’ve developed a fairly good ten grain quick bread recipe, and am working on a maize and gluten free version. We need bread for the wake, and this is the first time since my spouse passed that I’ve baked for anyone else. I’m rusty.


Ooh I take it the interview went well then? I’m excited to listen to the new episodes!

Yay fresh bread! I think I will start working on an enchantment for the sourdough, there’s too much room for fun things there!

Yo, some years I don’t know how do it up here, but I love it so much! It does take some extra mindfulness to take care of ourselves in the extreme seasons. It can be hard to get enough sleep! Maybe that’s part of why I love fall and spring so much. It’s wild to see the stars when it’s not freezing out too!

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@KristiRose that sounds lovely!


@nwlorax wow that’s a lot going on! Fall is short here too, and I savor every moment of it. The prayer breakfast sounds nice!

My condolences for losing your friend, I hope the wake comes together. I’m sure all the thought being put into the eulogy will pay off.

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@KristiRose – I bet they’re gonna be so pretty!

@nwlorax – You’ve been busy! It’s always funny to see someone talking about Bakersfield, CA. That’s where I was born :joy: and I didn’t move out of state (for good) until I was in my mid-20s! I’m sorry to hear that your friend has passed. I’m sure you’ll find the words you need for the wake. Sometimes, I do my best writing in the dark when I can’t sleep.

@Ashen_Curio – Yes, it did! I have another one on Tuesday with the presidential candidate I was supposed to interview last week… it has fallen through twice, so I’m hoping Tuesday’s goes better.

The bread was delicious! We have some of our loaf left and I gave a loaf to two of my friends today. I’ve tried to do sourdough a few times in my life and it never worked right. I think I’ll try it again after we move.

I don’t know how you do it, either :laughing: I’m not sure I would be able to do it. The darkness wouldn’t be good for me at all. I think I would like to visit, for sure, but I don’t think I’m suited to live there lol

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Yep. Samhain’s Veil has come early to some of my friends, and between now and Samhain next year and this year it will unavoidably come for others around me.

As a likely needless reminder, is is better to break bread and express gratitude and unspoken feelings to those you care about before they enter the fields of Starlight and repeat those things more than a few times, while abiding in each occasion as if it is the last moment you have with them.