Fall Plans? And my Garden Festival Trip!

Is anyone doing anything fun for Fall?

We went to the USF Botanical Garden Fall Festival this weekend and they had so many pretty things there! Here’s a bunch of pictures :laughing:

I can’t tell you what all of them are except for the last ones. The two in the little cups are a Monstera and a Philodendron. The red bushy one is called Dragon’s Breath and the other one with the small white flowers is called a Music Note :hibiscus:


Ooh! Everything looks lovely! What a wonderful place.

No big fall plans here. I have received a couple offers for the property, but I am still cleaning out. No idea what to do with everything. No idea how so much stuff was accumulated. I can go anywhere, but I have no idea where to go. That pretty much sums up where I am.

How are you doing? Is the break helping?

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It was such a nice trip! There were so many pretty things to look at. This isn’t even half of what I wanted to take pictures of!

I can’t image the amount of cleaning up you have to do. I’m always surprised by the amount of stuff we collect every time we’ve moved, but I understand this is different. You’re in a sort of liminal space! You can go anywhere you choose! North to the snow landscape, south to the tropics, west to the central US or even further west to the west coast! I know that’s not helpful :laughing: but it is exciting!

I’m doing alright. The break is helping and I definitely don’t feel as stressed out. I’ve got a lot of ideas for things to do now – videos and blog posts and stuff – but all my divination and my gut is telling me it’s too soon to try again, especially considering my nephew that I watch during the day is still only 6 months old. It’s difficult :sweat_smile: BUT! I have an idea for October’s podcast that hopefully I can flesh out in time. I have to write the script first :thinking:

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