Favorite Crystal(s)

What is your favorite crystal(s) that you have in your collection?

I love Smokey Quartz and it is also my Spirit Crystal. Photo Attached.


I don’t have a favorite crystal :sweat_smile: they’re not a big part of my practice. I like your smokey quartz, though! What’s a Spirit Crystal?

It is this idea that everyone is connected to a crystal spirit similar to an animal spirit. Since crystals are alive, a small piec3 of rose quartz it connects to a larger collective crystal.

The spirit crystal chooses you and has nothing to do with your birthstone. A spirit crystal is only in the quartz family so your spirit crystal could be clear quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, etc. Here is how to go about finding your spirit crystal.



Ask the Universe for the crystal that will work for your highest good. Be open and receptive to whatever crystal comes your way, and don’t go into the search with too much judgment or preconceived notions.


Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes. Then open your eyes take your non-dominant hand and pass it over the crystals, waiting to see if you feel a subtle “tug” from one of the stones. Some other responses may be in the form of a flash of light, tingling sensation, euphoric awareness, or even the sense of the crystal jumping up and down saying “Pick me.”

Connecting to the past life associated with your crystal (using your Spirit Crystal to guide you. Make a crystal grid using your Spirit Crystal. Wearing a piece of jewelry with your Spirit Crystal on it. Sleeping with your Spirit Crystal under your pillow and asking it to guide you in your dreams. Meditating with your Spirit Crystal. Saying a mantra associated with your Spirit Crystal for 30 days. Buying a singing bowl that is made from your Spirit Crystal. Take your Spirit Crystal with you on hikes and walks in nature. Hold your Spirit Crystal when journaling. Buying smaller pieces of your Spirit Crystal and place them around your home, at work, and car. Name your Spirit Crystal. Use your Spirit Crystal during Shadow Work.

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Huh, I’ve never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to do a bit more research on my own. Can I ask why a spirit crystal is only in the quartz family?

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I discovered this concept by a lady named Jenny Bell from a course on Udemy.com. The information from her course was channeled from her spirit guides so I am assuming thats the information that was channeled… these specific types of crystals - quartz crystals. Its been awhile since I back and reviewed the coursework and it looks lik3 she had added more fun stuff. I have Googled this conc3pt and Jenny’s course is all that I have found.


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Oh, that would make sense. Thanks for the link! If it’s one crystal type I do actually have it would be a variety of quartz crystals :joy:

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Right!? ME TOO! LOL :laughing:

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Who knows, maybe this will inspire me to work more with the crystals I have :joy: I do have some that are also scattered around the house kind of…everywhere? I’ll carry one randomly just because - usually it’s a fluorite - and then I lose it in the house. Or my daughter will have one somewhere and then it’s lost for a while :rofl:

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I use crystals for meditation, wearing them, grounding, crystal grids… I am definitely getting better at working with them than I used to. I am like you though I just have them kind of all over the place. lol

I have had to make sure my daughter’s little fingers don’t get them cuz she will either lose them or take them to throw them at something or you.

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I used to meditate with them, but I lost that connection somewhere along the lines lol I think I need to get back into it. I think it’ll really help with my current anxiety issues and stuff. I’ll just :memo: add it to my list lol

My daughter is old enough not to throw them at things anymore, but she used to like to place them in the windowsill in the sun. Lots of conversations about why her crystals were fading, and I think she’s finally not doing that anymore :laughing: now I think she just collects them because they’re pretty.

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Smokey quartz is one of my favorites, too! We noticed after a rain earlier this year that there was some in our dirt driveway, and we’ve been carefully pulling pieces out over the summer. My favorites are in my planted jar (which I’ve only just set up, can’t wait for plants to grow!)


Wow, smokey quartz in your driveway! I wish that was the case for me. I like the way that you’ve decided to use them. What plants did you grow?


I live in what used to be a gold mining camp, there’s tons of quartz out here! Some pieces have citrine too, haven’t found any amethyst yet though. The small plants are crypts, and there are floating pieces of hornwort. The big plant in the background is bladderwort, but as I’m trying to cultivate little critters in here, I removed it for fear the plant would eat too many of them (the little sacks pull critters in and it digests them. Super cool plant, just not what I want right now). I picked up a stem plant to replace it with, but I can’t remember what it is…