Finished Puff Beanie

Good morning!

I finished this puff beanie a few days ago and wanted to show it off. I’ll probably never wear it :laughing: but I’m going to write up the pattern and share it on Ravelry, Ribblr, and my own site.

I’m really getting back into crochet and pattern design and I think I’m going to setup the site I had before (don’t click that link yet, it won’t take you anywhere). I had it setup before but took it down because I felt like I needed to niche my creations and stick with just witchcraft and paganism but I don’t feel that way anymore.

I love the golden color of this beanie and want to make a pretty pink one and maybe even a blue one! The first picture is more true to color.


It’s beautiful! I hate that we are told to focus on one thing in order to be successful. I would love to try Flosstube, but they say you can’t talk about anything else. I stitch, but I also do other things. I’m not sure when that became a bad thing. I’m looking forward to the launch of the crochet section!

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I’ve never heard of Flosstube. I’m gonna have to look that up now! But yeah, finding a niche has never been my strong suit because I jump around from thing to thing with my interests, as fleeting as they sometimes feel :laughing:

I’m also a member of Artfol which is a social media app like Instagram but specifically for artists (all kinds of artists).

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I have never heard of Artfol. I will look it up. Flosstube is just the cross stitch community on YouTube.

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Oh, okay, that makes sense. I admit that I Googled Flosstube and came up with nothing :laughing:

Here’s a link to Artfol :blush:

It’s just an app right now but I’m part of the Patreon and helping with their website alpha testing.

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