Forum Rules [MUST READ]

Like any healthy community, we have rules here in the forum. Please read through these and ask if you have any questions. Rules may be added on an as-needed basis and may change without prior notice.


@MeganB - Owner and Creator

The rules will be interpreted by @MeganB – Everything is a case-by-case basis and the excuse of “I didn’t know” will not be tolerated. Every community has rules, and these are clearly stated.

We are Non-Denominational

In order to cultivate an all-inclusive community for pagan and witchy people, we ask that the beliefs of others be respected. We understand that, as a community, we each have knowledge to gain or give. We will not tolerate disrespect of ourselves and other members because someone has a differing belief or opinion.

Respect is Important

We will not tolerate any form of hate - be it transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc. All are welcome here and we expect our members to be treated with respect and to treat others with respect in return. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

Privacy is Important

I take privacy very seriously. I will never share personal information with anyone and I expect everyone to practice caution and take your own privacy seriously. Do not give out phone numbers, addresses, etc. in the main forum. Whatever you do through direct message is at your own discretion. I also expect that members will respect others as well. Screenshots of any kind should not be taken and posted online or elsewhere. If you are found to have done this, you will be banned without hope of returning.

Duty to Report

If you feel like you are being bullied, shamed, or in any way feel unsafe or uncomfortable in this community, reach out to @MeganB immediately. Likewise, if anyone makes mention of harm or abuse to anyone - themselves included - you are obligated to report that to the @MeganB and, if necessary, inform authorities.

If a post is concerning to you but you’re unsure if it warrants a direct message, please use the flag system at the bottom of each post or comment.

No Spam

You know what it is. Don’t do it or you risk being silenced. Do it too many times and you risk being kicked out.

Direct Messages

Do not DM someone uninvited. You may adjust your DM preferences in your profile to accept DMs from everyone, only some members, or no one at all (excluding staff).

Trolls are banned no questions asked

Didn’t think this needed to be a rule but just in case, here it is.

Self-Promotion Guidelines

We are a community and many of us here create our own art in one form or another. Self-promotion is generally okay in the appropriate category. However, as a community, we should not take more than we give. If you self-promo more than you interact in the forum, your self-promo privileges will be revoked.