Full Moon in Capricorn!

Did anyone do anything special for the Full Moon last night, or plans for the next day or so?

We had a thing to do and didn’t get home until almost 10pm, but my daughter and I went outside with our candles and did a bit of magic. I had two candles that needed work - one for Brigid (the red one) and one for business (the green one). Brigid’s was finished with a prayer and dedication. The business candle is a specific spell to help me grow my business!

And then my daughter’s candle is to help her with emotional regulation. I talked to her about sigils and symbols, and she came up with this design. It’s a frustrated face and a happy face put together in one, split down the middle. The arrows show the direction she wants the energy to go.


Put together a jar of sweets last night. It’s to target groups, politicians, etc. that align with my way of thinking. Over the next little while I’ll feed it with those causes and names that need my assistance. This was undertaken by a group so all requests for assistance will be aided by many instead of just me.


That’s a really good idea! I like that you did it as a group so the power behind the spell is magnified. Awesome! :clap: