Good tarot spreads to do in regards of soulmates

Im just curious if there are any tarot spreads that will give me insight on if ive met my soulmate, advice to single them out and find em, and what i should do to find them.

I don’t have a tarot spread myself, but I did find some useful information on other sites! Here’s a few links you can try :blush:

9 Ways to Find Your Soul Mate Using the Tarot | Biddy Tarot Blog

Can The Tarot Tell Me Who My Soul Mate Is? - Astrology Answers

6 Soulmate Tarot Spreads With Examples (+54 Questions)

Love Reading: Valentine’s Tarot Spread for New Relationships – Spells8

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Thank you! Hopefully this helps! If it doesnt ill probably search a few library’s

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You’re welcome! I hope at least one of them is helpful :blush: