Guided Meditation Audiobook Project!

Hey hey!

I am finally going to start the process of getting my guided meditations setup on Audible. To do so, I have get the scripts written out, write an introduction, outro, etc. and make sure I’ve got royalty-free music. Members will get a copy on Audible for free once I’ve got it up if that’s something you’re interested in.

I know at one point Rose had asked me about doing it and I just didn’t have the mental energy to do so. I think that’s a project I’m willing to take on right now so here’s your official announcement that this is starting!

So far, I have a total of 13 guided meditations that could go in the book. I also have a few that are published public and available to others.

Current Guided Meditations for Members (find them here)

  • Hibernating Human

  • Conversations with Self (including journal prompts)

  • Color Breathing Meditation and Visualization

  • Feeling Sensations

  • Celebrating Others Without Envy

  • Healing Waters

  • Connecting with Land Spirits

  • Relieving Shadow Tension

  • Showing Gratitude

  • Self Love Affirmations

  • Let it Go

  • Releasing Anxiety

  • Journey to the Akashic Records

Is there any other topic or type of meditation you’d like to have included in the audiobook? Let me know!

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Ooh! This is so exciting! Definitely anything related to sleep. I really struggle with going to sleep and staying asleep.

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Ohh sleep is a good one! I’ll write one or two up to include!

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Oh my Gods, this audiobook is going to have 20 guided meditations!

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