Hurricane Ian 🌀

Good morning!

I just wanted to pop in and give everyone a heads up that I may be without power the end of the week. Posts may be delayed, responses may be delayed – heck, just count on everything that I would normally do being delayed. This includes the usual newsletter for the beginning of the month.

We’re doing what we can to prepare where we are. We aren’t in an evacuation zone but we’re still keeping a close eye on the hurricane. As I’m sure everyone knows, things can change in an instant! I’ll keep everyone as updated as I can.

:heart: Megan

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Stay safe! A parade of linemen and bucket trucks rolled through town headed your way today. Our local linemen joined them. I imagine it will keep growing as they travel. It might not be much comfort, but the electric companies are preparing. We saw trucks with license plates all the way from Oklahoma and everywhere in between. I hope that you aren’t without long.

If there’s anything I can do, please just let me know.

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We’re all good here :heart: We got a lot of wind and rain but we didn’t get a direct hit. We keep losing power sporadically as they try to make repairs to things but other than that, we’re pretty good!

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