Just filmed a deck review!

I just finished filming a tarot deck review and I’m so excited for everyone to see it!

Speaking of deck reviews, what’s your favorite tarot deck, if you have one?

Edit: Here’s the deck review! → Mother Tarot: Tarot Deck Review and Flip Through [CC] - YouTube

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My absolute favorite deck is the Fairy Ring Oracle. I think my favorite tarot is the Herbcrafters tarot.

What deck did you review?

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I don’t think I’ve heard of either of the decks you mentioned. I’m gonna have to look them up! The Herbcrafters one sounds really interesting.

I reviewed one of the new decks, The Mother Tarot. I used it in this week’s Monday Message :heart: It’s just about ready for members (should go out today if I can finish it), and then it’ll be out on Sunday for everyone else!

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