Lúnasa - 2023! 🌾

It’s almost here!

Does anyone have any fun plans?

We normally do a blackberry and fruit harvest then, and have an all day gather/bake/can/party. Whatever is ripe is fair game. We have areas we can safely gather clean fruit.

My plans otherwise are to put notices (spirit money with notes) on the offering tree and leave it to the sky, winds and rain to deliver these messages. I have some Workings to start, new shoes to purchase, and martial arts training to continue and document.


That sounds so nice! My berries aren’t ready to harvest this year, and I think my corn is gonna be late… I do have a lot of jalapenos, though! I wonder what I could do with this… I don’t have a canning method yet, but I will eventually! They may end up just getting cut, cooked, and frozen for future use :laughing:

We have a Pokémon tournament every Monday, so that’s where we’ll be Monday night. I know I’ll be baking a few loaves of bread to share with friends, and maybe some cookies or cupcakes. I mean, what better way to celebrate Lúnasa than with a card game of skill and strategy? :joy: Works perfectly for me!

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How about pickling the veggies and peppers then? Despite being a Mennonite kid with ancestors from the Ukraine, I hate pickles. My grandmother pickled every single thing in the garden. Or, you could make kimchee!

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I don’t think I’ve ever had pickled jalapenos… :thinking: I might have to try that! I think I can pre-cook them and freeze them. I don’t usually eat them, my dad and fiancé do :laughing:

Chop wood, carry water :sweat_smile:

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I mean yeah :laughing: that’ll work!