Out of Office - Hurricane Prep!

Out of Office

It’s time to prepare!

Good morning, friends! I just wanted to share a quick update with you all – I am prepping for Hurricane Idalia and will be very sparse on the internet in the next few days. We aren’t in the direct path (anymore), but if Hurricane Ian from last year taught us anything it’s that these forces of nature can change direction with zero warning.

I will be doing what I can here, both magically and mundane, to stay safe and protect my family.

If you are in the path of the storm, please be careful, do your best to prepare, and heed the warnings of your local government.

~ Megan


How are you doing? Is everything okay?

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Hey! We’re doing alright over here. We managed to avoid most of the storm and just got some of the outer bands of wind and rain. We didn’t even lose power :laughing: now we get to put everything back that we moved - plants, patio furniture…everything :joy: that’s always the worst part!

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All is good here! It’s back to business as normal :heart: