Planting Lavender

I planted some lavender the other day. We got three small plants to go into three hanging pots. We’re hoping they’ll help keep the gnats and smaller mosquitos out of our screened-in patio. I’m not sure but I have my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

My last lavender plant died because it got too hot out in the sun. Hopefully these survive! I’ll try to get some pictures in a little bit.

Does anyone else have lavender?

Besides using it to keep the bugs away, this is one plant that I’ve always wanted to have as a plant ally, especially with my mental health struggles. The smell is just :pinched_fingers: perfect!

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I cannot keep lavender alive for anything. I have tried different varieties. I even bought a pricey hybrid and had it shipped to me. I still couldn’t keep it alive. I think it either doesn’t like me or the climate here. Or maybe a combination of both.

I hope that your plants do well! Please share updates.

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It could definitely be the climate!

I’m hoping these ones do well. They’re hanging on my patio right now out of direct sunlight so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: I’ll get some pictures in a bit!

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