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Storygraph is like GoodReads without the Amazon. They hold challenges, you can review books, track your books and pages read, and everything in between! I thought it would be fun to have our Storygraph links here so we can cheer each other along.

I just entered Storygraph’s January pages challenge.

We want to help StoryGraph users start the year as they mean to go on. The goal is simple: read at least a page, or listen to at least one minute of your audiobook, each day in January and track it on The StoryGraph. This way, we hope you can cultivate the habit of reading just a little bit every day!

We’ve once again teamed up with some of our favourite companies to offer three winners some incredible prize bundles!

Two winners will each receive:

A year’s subscription to our Plus plan (giftable if you’re already a Plus member)
Six audiobook credits for
$50/£50 to spend at
£50 ($60) to spend at Blackwell’s

A third winner will receive all of the above PLUS a Kobo Clara 2E with a SleepCover!

Everyone who successfully tracks their reading progress for all 31 days of January will be entered into the prize draw, and it’s open worldwide!

January Pages Challenge 2023 | The StoryGraph

I’m not sponsored by Storygraph or anything. I just think it’s a cool concept :blush:

Here’s my profile! →

I did really bad in 2022 for reading and making my goals. I want to do better this year and plan on keeping track all year long! Hopefully I can manage to read at least one book a month. That’s be a good goal, I think, considering I only finished less than 10 books in 2022 :laughing:

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I love StoryGraph! I followed you, but keep in mind I have questionable reading habits. :grimacing:

I totally escaped into reading last year. I ended up reading 159 books and 40,323 pages. I usually read about 100 books a year, so it was definitely an abnormal year for me.

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haha there is no judgment for anyone’s reading habits or what they read!

I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading and it’s really gotten me down. It’s a time thing for me with the last few years but I want to read at least two books a month this year. Hell, I’d be happy with even one book a month!

I even have several books that I got from Moon Books that I’m supposed to read and review that I just haven’t had time for.

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Ooh, what books are you going to review? What type of books do you like to read? I primarily read romance last year. The guaranteed HEA at the end is always a good escape for me.

Right now, I am working through the Country Store cozy mystery series by Maddie Day. I’m on the last book before the new one releases next week.

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I still have to review Morgan Daimler’s book Aos Sidhe. I’ve already read it but just need to do the review.

Then I also have Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope by James T. Powers, and then Confronting the Crisis by David Sparenberg.

These are more spirituality focused books. I’m reading Irish Witchcraft by Lora O’Brien for my own personal learning.

Outside of witchcraft and pagan-related books, I really enjoy fantasy, magical realism, and sci-fi. I just haven’t found something lately that I’ve been interested in, let alone found the time to read!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a romance novel. I used to really enjoy them - you’re right, the guaranteed happy ending is the best. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of the book lol

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