Simple Candle Emotional Release 🕯

I shared this spell on Instagram and I wanted to share it here, too. This is something I’ve been doing for several months now. It’s been pretty successful in helping me reframe my thoughts and release the energy that comes from those thoughts.

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Let me tell you about one of my self-care witchcraft practices, and all you need is a candle. I’m going to tell you how I do an emotional release.

This spell goes hand-in-hand with a therapy technique I was taught by my therapist. It involves reframing my negative or irrational thoughts, pointing out the fallacies, and seeing where my anxiety is running the show.

It’s funny to me because the picture of my little candle here is 100% reflective of the way my life feels right now. A small flame burning in the midst of random things happening around it. And you know what? That’s okay.

You will need…

  • a candle
  • a lighter or matches
  1. Hold the candle over your chest or wherever you physically feel your emotions.
  2. Inhale and speak or think your reframed thoughts. These are the thoughts that counteract the irrational or negative thoughts coming from anxiety.
  3. Exhale and push the emotional energy from the irrational thoughts into the candle.
  4. Continue the above process until you feel that enough energy has been transferred to the candle and your thoughts have been reframed.
  5. Burn the candle and let the emotional energy from the anxiety dissipate with it.

See - easy peasy!

Witchcraft and self-care go hand-in-hand for me, and this practice also goes hand-in-hand with my mental health care. I hope that, if you use this, you benefit from it as much as I have.