Taking Your Questions! [Brittany Jones Interview]

Good morning, everyone!

I am taking questions from everyone for my special guest, Brittany Jones, 2024 Presidential Candidate for the US! Here is a bit of information about her.

Brittany Jones is an unaffiliated presidential candidate from Oregon, who is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the United States. She is a veteran, a mother, and reconnection to her indigenous heritage who has been advocating for social justice and equality throughout her life.

After serving her country in the military, Brittany pursued her passion for activism and politics. She has been a vocal advocate for the separation of church and state, a principle that she believes is essential to ensure religious freedom for all Americans and her own community as a Pagan. Brittany is committed to promoting a political system that respects the diversity of all religious beliefs and does not impose any particular religion upon its citizens.

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Our interview is scheduled for later this month, so you have until September 10th to get in your questions! I’m really looking forward to this interview, and I hope you are, too :heart:

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