The Return of the Podcast! [need your input]

Hey everyone!

I am finally ready to start booking guests for the podcast’s relaunch in October and I’d love to know who you wanna hear from! Here are a few of my guest ideas - one I hope to be reaching out to later this week.

Brittany Jones - Candidate for US President

After serving her country in the military, Brittany pursued her passion for activism and politics. She has been a vocal advocate for the separation of church and state, a principle that she believes is essential to ensure religious freedom for all Americans and her own community as a Pagan. Brittany is committed to promoting a political system that respects the diversity of all religious beliefs and does not impose any particular religion upon its citizens.

Sam ‘Bo’ Thompson - Author of Metal Never Lies

I consider myself a Magical primitive blacksmith and enjoy bringing magic into my sacred forge work. I started working on my craft in 2012. It brings me a deep delight to co-create metalwork for people, both for their magical working, and items that can easily become heirloom pieces. Since 2016, I have been bound to The Morrigan and now embrace (read that as pushed into) the role as Her Priest.

Francisco Huanaco - Owner/Creator of

Born in Argentina, a lover of art and design, Francisco grew up in Buenos Aires, a city home to numerous ethnic and religious groups where it’s common even for businessmen to consult angels, exús, and other entities before making big decisions.

His Witchcraft instruction began when he was just a toddler, as his mother would sit with him before bedtime, visualizing and praying for a star to guide his father safe home every night. Since a very young age, Francisco studied Logosophy and Cosmic Integration, guided by his mother and receiving his first initiation when he was just 8 years old.

Who do you wanna hear from? Let me know!


Brittany Jones sounds awesome. Maybe some cross interviews with other podcasters. Steph from WitchWednesdays, Ashley from Seeking Witchcraft, and so on. Maybe even more fun if you then go do their pod as well!

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Ohh, I think cross interviews would be a great idea! I’ll add that to my list! I’m already in contact with Steph from WitchWednesdays. I’ve never been in contact with Ashely from Seeking Witchcraft - and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve listened to that podcast yet! :sweat_smile: Thank you for the recommendations!

I’m getting ready to push “send” on the email soon! If I’m being honest, I’m so so so nervous :joy:

She’ll be excited to hear from you. What an amazing place to share her platform

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Aww thanks! And I did it - I sent the email this morning! :partying_face: Now, we wait!

  • Pagans in Need Food Bank
  • International Pagan Radio
  • Spiral Scouts International
  • Andrea with Moon Dust Press (They are launching a new book soon and are in the process of getting in national chain bookstores.)
  • Kyrja with Hands of the Goddess and author of the Rupert series
  • Witch Bitch Thrift
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Ohh, those are great suggestions, @KristiRose :clap: Thank you!

In other news, Brittany Jones replied to me already and said yes! So, I will be collecting questions soon for anyone that has them - and also making sure I don’t have a panic attack because I’m scared! :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

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