Utterly exhausting... lol

I don’t know how people do this house-selling & house-buying business. This is literally the most stressful and exhausting thing ever in my life and I want it to be done and over with.


Oof yeah it’s a lot, and I haven’t even made it through the whole process yet! I hope it’s a quick process for you!


Hopefully the process goes relatively quickly. Once our house sells, then everything will move faster. It’s just a waiting game at this point. It’s just very, very tiring!


Did you have much foot traffic at the open house? I don’t know how you are moving so fast. I clean out and clean out, but I don’t even feel like I am making headway.

I hope that you get an offer quickly!

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We had a few people come to the open house. Honestly, the only reason it’s moved so fast is because I have such a flexible schedule with work. I can spend an entire day doing what needs to be done in the house - cleaning, packing, etc. - and then make up whatever work later in the day or the next day. Plus there’s five of us here, so that definitely helps!

Thank you :heart: We put a contingency offer on a house yesterday, so we’re waiting to hear back on that. If that’s accepted, then once our house sells here, everything will move forward with that house up there.