What if everyone believed in reincarnation? [DISCUSSION]

How different do you think the world would be if everyone believed in reincarnation? I don’t remember what inspired this question, but I think it’s interesting! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts - I’ll share mine soon!

~ Megan


It’s hard for me to even imagine, because it would probably affect so many people differently. But I like to hope it would mean people focus more on living this life well for the sake of it, and less on meeting criteria for the afterlife.


That’s quite an interesting question. I am not really sure. It would depend on the person. For some, it wouldn’t change much of anything but for others it very well might. Hopefully, that would be the majority. I wonder how many times I have been reincarnated.


I’m not really sure that it would make much of a difference. I think most people are going to justify what they want to do regardless.


I’ve been trying to remember why I thought of this question. I think it had to do with everyone treating each other with more respect and kindness since the people you love that have passed on could be the next person you interact with.

I’d like to be hopeful and say that everything would be more peaceful and equitable. The cynical side of me thinks the hopeful side of me is naïve :rofl: and needs to pull my head out of the clouds.

I think this is an interesting approach to this question that I hadn’t thought of. I would hope it would be like this, too. That and that people would be more…kind and helpful to others.

I’ve thought of this, too! I really want to do some sort of past life regression exercise, either on my own or with a professional. I’m interested in what my past life (or lives!) were!

I think this could be true, too. There’s two parts of me for this question. One side has a lot of hope for humanity. The other has zero hope based on current life experience :joy: and I don’t know which part is right, if any at all!


I have done a past life regression Tarot reading before and i found it quite interesting. It only gave me answers from my most previous one though but it was still very cool. I actually took a course to be a past life regression practitioner even though i have no intention on using it. I did a recording to try it but i have yet to do it.

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I’ve considered using tarot to look into my past lives before, I’ve just never gotten around to it. A friend of my mom does past life regressions but our schedules have never matched up well enough to do it. It’s cool that you took a course on it! I bet that was really interesting!