Witchcraft Therapy by Mandi Em

I recently grabbed this book from my library and thought I’d check it out. Has anyone else read it? I’ve skimmed it a bit and I’m not sure it’s right for me but I wanna give it a shot anyway :laughing:

Turns out I didn’t like it :woman_shrugging: I couldn’t even make it through and I returned it to the library lol

What didn’t you like about the book if you don’t mind me asking? I’m always looking for books to read! For both educational and entertainment purposes. Right now I’m reading “Life With The Afterlife” by Amy Bruni. It’s fascinating to me because I can relate so well to what she talks about in the book. I’ve always had a connection with the spirit world, and from a very early age I have been able to communicate with and sometimes see spirits. I’ve never been able to stomach watching paranormal tv shows/ghost hunting shows, because I’ve always had this cringe when investigators rouse spirits and then leave without any resolution. I didn’t even know that Amy started the series Kindred Spirits after leaving Ghost Hunters until I started reading this book! :joy: I actually looked it up tho and watched the first episode because I’ve learned that Amy’s and my beliefs in these encounters align and I appreciate what she’s doing.

I could go in and on about this so I’ll stop here. :joy: I’d love to get any suggestions for reading that anyone wants to throw my way! :heart:

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Ohh, I’ve been wanting to read Amy Bruni’s book! My mom and I love watching Kindred Spirits :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s one of the things we do together.

Oh gosh, yes! I hate this about ghost hunting or paranormal shows! Or when they always blame the witches or magical people… :woman_facepalming: it’s not always our fault lol

Uhh… good question! I had to go find the book digitally so I could skim it again. I think I just wasn’t a fan of the writing style and use of profanity. It’s funny because in my daily life, I have a very… colorful vocabulary :joy: my dad was a truck driver and marine, and I learned lots of fun ways to speak.

I don’t generally speak like that online or in my videos because it’s not “professional” or something like that. It’s difficult for me to read in a book like that, though. My dislike of the book didn’t have anything to do with the contents itself as I didn’t really make it through much there.

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You wanna know what gets me every time!?? On tv shows, on social media, in real life?? It doesn’t matter… WHY do people always assume that an entity is evil or is out to cause harm?? I can’t even count the number of times I’ve responded on forum or social media posts where someone is asking how to “banish a spirit” or “cleanse a space”, and I’ve asked them simply if they’ve tried communicating with the spirit… And the backlash that comes from asking that ONE simple question!? :exploding_head:

I LOVE the encounters I’ve had! Every one of them, I consider to be a gift! :heart: The stories I could tell… I should write a book one day! :joy: I won’t lie… Ive had a few hair-raising moments, but nothing truly evil has ever come my way. A lot of pranksters, and some confused souls. For the most part tho, they’ve been content in being where they are and have only wanted to be acknowledged and accepted.

I’m going to check our local library for the book you mentioned. I’m nearly finished with Amy’s book so I’m looking for what I’ll read next. :heart:

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Oh my Gods, yes! Just because there is activity in a space doesn’t automatically mean the spirit or energy there is evil or out to cause harm. I’ve asked similar questions to others, too, when they want to move a spirit on or banish a spirit from their space. Spirits don’t bother me as long as they don’t bother me :joy: it’s very possible to co-exist in a space with non-physical beings, and sometimes it’s even more fun!

I’d read it! :clap: Well, it would get added to my massive list of books to read already… but I’d get to it eventually :sweat_smile:

I hope you like it if you decide to read it! I know it’s an eBook through my library on the Libby app!

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What is your opinion on helping spirits move on or “cross over”? I used to think that this was something that was helpful. As I’ve gotten older and “wiser”, I’ve come to the point where I actually scold myself for ever believing that what I had seen on tv and in movies was just absurd. I think now about how I might feel as a spirit if some stranger ever tried to tell me to “go into the light”. :joy: I would probably laugh and attach myself to that person for some time and be a full on pest/prankster, just to show them that their efforts were in vain. I’ll “go into the light” if and when I dang we’ll please! Ya know? And what if their beliefs aren’t my beliefs? Whose to say that they aren’t exactly where they are meant to be? Heck! How do we even know that there IS a light to go into? I’m perfectly content with talking to spirits and learning their WHY, and if they want my help then they’ll let me know… and I’ll help them in the best way that I know how and can. :heart:

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I believe as you do. They’re here, too, and who am I to tell them they have to leave, ya know? Now, if they come around asking for help or are just confused in general, that might be a different story. If the spirit is malicious or causing any sort of harm then yeah, I’ll probably tell them they can’t stay in my space unless they behave. If they don’t behave, then I would make them leave. I’ve never encountered a malicious spirit before, but I did have a few spirit encounters in an apartment I lived in when we first moved to Florida. They were calm and curious, mostly. One was younger, like a child, and liked to be silly and pull little pranks. The first night we were there, our cat ended up locked in a closet and my fiancé’s pillow was on top of the A/C unit in the closet – all happened while we were all asleep :joy: I woke up to my fiancé irritated that I took his pillow and then no pillow in sight!

But anyway, yeah - if they aren’t causing harm then who am I to tell them they need to leave? :woman_shrugging:

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My daughter had a child attached to her some years ago who loved to sit on her bed at night and tickle her. The child would also run circles around my daughter while she would stand at the sink washing dishes. My daughter would see her, and thinking it was her little brother she’d tell the child to stop running around her before she tripped over him. I would hear her say this and I’d tell her that her brother was sitting with me. One night we did an EVP session and we all talked and asked questions. My daughter addressed the child and asked her how old she was. The child answered with, “Three”. My daughter was the only person who could see this child and she described her as a little girl about her brothers age (he was 2 at the time), with curly blonde hair. The girl also liked to sit at my daughters vanity and play with her makeup. :heart:

I have so many stories about that house and the spirits who shared that space with us!

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Oh wow, I’ve never seen physical manifestations of a spirit. I do see shadows and flickers, but that’s about it. The child spirit I saw was just seen as a shadow and a feeling as it passed around me. It did the circle thing, too :laughing: I spun in a circle thinking it was my own child crouched down trying to mess around, but no one was there. My parents looked at me like I was nuts!

If you ever want to share the stories, please do!

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I have a LOT of stories to share! Some are a little “creepy” and others are just down right funny. I’ve got to take my dog to the groomer soon, but when I have a little more time I’ll share some of the better stories. :heart:

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Absolutely! Feel free to create a new post for the stories and discussion!

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